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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
CDP2023/094258 Pennant Ave DENISTONE NSW 211411/12/2023Dwelling, Retaining Wall & Associated Earthworks - CDC/3541282Complying Development - Private 
CDP2023/094321 Beazley St RYDE NSW 211211/12/20232 Lot Torrens Title under LRHDC. - CDC5454Complying Development - Private 
CDP2023/094411 Khartoum Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211311/12/2023Fit-out of a 427 sqm office space on Level 3 of MPark (11 Khartoum Road, Macquarie Park) - 230446/01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2023/094529 Alexandria Ave EASTWOOD NSW 212211/12/2023Demolition of Existing Structures, New Two Storey Dual Occupancy with pools and front fence. - 18622Complying Development - Private 
LDA2023/03149 Neil St NORTH RYDE NSW 211311/12/2023Construction of a new double storey dwelling with an attached double garage.Development Application 
CDP2023/094680 Balaclava Rd EASTWOOD NSW 212211/12/2023Subdivision - TCDC 681/23Complying Development - Private 
CDP2023/094773 Lovell Rd DENISTONE EAST NSW 211211/12/2023Two (2) lot Torrens Subdivision of dual occupancy development - 17717Complying Development - Private 
CDP2023/094876 Mons Ave WEST RYDE NSW 211411/12/2023Demolition of existing structures. Construction of a two storey attached dual occupancy with associated landscaping. - CDC354/23Complying Development - Private 
CDP2023/094914 Tallwood Ave EASTWOOD NSW 212211/12/2023Demolition of the existing structures and construction of an attached dual occupancy - CD23028Complying Development - Private 
CDP2023/09502 Richardson Pl NORTH RYDE NSW 211311/12/2023Internal alterations to existing commercial office – Part Level 2 - GDL230560Complying Development - Private 
CDP2023/095144 John Miller St RYDE NSW 211211/12/2023Demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of an attached dual occupancy - 3124230CDCComplying Development - Private 
MOD2023/024223 Michael St NORTH RYDE NSW 211311/12/2023Change in external finishes - CDC 19723-02Modifications5/12/2023

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