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LDA2021/00996 Eden Park Dr MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21131/04/2021Change of use of the ground floor tenancy from a childcare centre to a commercial office premise.Development Application 
MOD2021/006519 Folkard St NORTH RYDE NSW 21131/04/2021Demolition of existing structures & Construction of a new Two Storey Dual Occupancy with associated site works - 282D20Modifications 
MOD2021/006645 Oakes Ave EASTWOOD NSW 21221/04/2021Appointment Of PCA -Demolition of Existing Structures and Construction of a New Two Storey Dual Occupancy with Front Fence and ancillary site works - 278D20Modifications 
MOD2021/0067127 Kent Rd MARSFIELD NSW 21221/04/2021Appointment of PCA - Demolition of Existing Structures and Construction of a New Two Storey Dual Occupancy with Front Fence and Ancillary Site works - 356D20Modifications 
LDA2021/010014 Irene Cr EASTWOOD NSW 21221/04/2021New dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 
LDA2021/010111 Khartoum Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21131/04/2021Concept business identification signage zones for Building A, comprising 1 x business directory sign, 1 x pylon sign, 3 x shop front signs and 1 x panel sign.Development Application 
LDA2021/010235 Ross St GLADESVILLE NSW 21111/04/2021Alterations and additions to existing dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2021/0103159-161 Epping Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21136/04/20216 x temporary business identification signage on 2 x crane structures (3 per crane) along Epping Road for construction works associated with LDA2018/171.Development Application 
MOD2021/006812 Teemer St TENNYSON POINT NSW 21116/04/2021Section 4.55(1A) to modify basement window, addition of new skylight in bedroom 3, changes to family room, changes to internal wall, parapet, pool fence and garage level.Modifications 
LDA2021/0098328-332 Victoria Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 21116/04/2021Installation of an above awning sign.Development Application 
MOD2021/00714 Miriam Rd WEST RYDE NSW 21146/04/2021Section 4.55(2) application to modify the concept plan approved under LDA2016/0396.Modifications 
MOD2021/006917 Dora St MARSFIELD NSW 21226/04/2021Section 4.55 (1A) modification to LDA2018/0343 seeking various minor changes to approved plans for dual occupancy (attached).Modifications 
MOD2021/007240 The Strand GLADESVILLE NSW 21117/04/2021Section 4.55(1A) modification to LDA2016/0078 to remove requirement of new footpath construction.Modifications 
LDA2021/010445-61 Waterloo Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21137/04/2021Construction of a box culvert under Road 16 as part of the site works.Development Application 
LDA2021/010532 Morshead St NORTH RYDE NSW 21137/04/2021Torrens Title subdivision of the approved dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 

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