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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
CDP2024/039932 Alexandria Ave EASTWOOD NSW 212221/06/2024Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of two storey dual occupancy with double garages, pool and associated landscaping. - CDC 4324Complying Development - Private 
LDA2024/01222 Amelia St NORTH RYDE NSW 211321/06/2024Proposed construction of a new dwelling house and associated workDevelopment Application 
MOD2024/008336 Amelia St NORTH RYDE NSW 211320/06/2024Section 4.55. Internal and external modifications.Modifications 
CDP2024/034919 Amiens St GLADESVILLE NSW 21115/06/20242 Lot Torrens Title Subdivision under LRHDC. - 240378Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/040210 Avon Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 211321/06/2024Demolition of a house and outbuildings - only - 240296Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/0347111 Badajoz Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 21135/06/2024construction of duplex - CDC/2024/069Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/0378111 Badajoz Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 211314/06/20242 lot subdivision - torrens title under LRHDC - 240206Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/03816 Banksia St EASTWOOD NSW 212218/06/2024Demolition of existing house to construction of dual occupancy - CDC1052/22Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/039143 Bayview St TENNYSON POINT NSW 211120/06/2024Part Demolition and Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and swimming pool - 240084Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/036330 Beswick Ave NORTH RYDE NSW 21136/06/2024Demolition of existing house, construction of a dual occupacy dewlling. - CDC1017/23Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/0329465 Blaxland Rd DENISTONE EAST NSW 21122/06/20242 lot torrens title subdivision under Low Rise Housing Diversity Code - 230358Complying Development - Private 
LDA2024/011519 Boyce St RYDE NSW 211212/06/2024Demolition of existing structures, construction of dual occupancy (attached) with inground swimming pool, associated landscaping and site works and Torren's Title subdivision.Development Application 
CDP2024/035928 Brabyn St DENISTONE EAST NSW 21126/06/20242 Lot Subdivision under LRHDC. - PR080324Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/033520 Bruce St RYDE NSW 21123/06/2024Alterations to existing dwelling including new fence & construction of new inground swimming pool to rear of property. - 151/24/01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/03385 Burns St MARSFIELD NSW 21223/06/2024Demolition of a house - only - 240258Complying Development - Private 

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