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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
LDA2020/043144 Farrington Pde NORTH RYDE NSW 211313/01/2021Torrens Title subdivision of existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 
LDA2020/04454 Kemp St TENNYSON POINT NSW 21115/01/2021Demolition, new dual occupancy (attached) with basement car parking.Development Application 
LDA2020/045423 Reserve St WEST RYDE NSW 21144/01/2021Torrens Title subdivision of a dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 
LDA2020/04552A Kulgoa Ave RYDE NSW 21125/01/2021New swim spa.Development Application 
LDA2020/045616 Lucinda Rd MARSFIELD NSW 21226/01/2021Torrens Title subdivision of existing dual occupancy.Development Application22/01/2021
LDA2021/000117 Darcy St MARSFIELD NSW 21228/01/2021Demolition of existing dwelling, construction of new two storey dwelling with swimming pool, driveway, front fence and associated landscaping.Development Application 
LDA2021/000250 Belmore St RYDE NSW 21124/01/2021Torrens Title subdivision of a dual occupancy (attached).Development Application20/01/2021
LDA2021/0003128 Wicks Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 21135/01/2021Alterations to existing house and secondary dwelling to convert into a dual occupancy (attached) and strata subdivision pursuant to SEPP (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009.Development Application 
LDA2021/00056 Hordern Ave PUTNEY NSW 211215/01/2021Demolition, new two storey dwelling, associated landscaping and site works.Development Application 
LDA2021/000612 Eastview Ave NORTH RYDE NSW 211312/01/2021New covered pergola/awning and deck.Development Application 
LDA2021/00074 Cameron Cr RYDE NSW 21128/01/2021New storey dwelling and double garage.Development Application 
LDA2021/000829 Warner St GLADESVILLE NSW 211113/01/2021New carport, front fence, associated landscaping and site works.Development Application 
LDA2021/000915 Miriam Rd DENISTONE NSW 211413/01/2021Two lot land subdivision.Development Application 
LDA2021/00124 Stanley St PUTNEY NSW 211218/01/2021Relocation of stormwater asset.Development Application 
LDA2021/001428 Kemp St TENNYSON POINT NSW 211122/01/2021Torrens Title subdivision of a existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 

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