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APL2019/000132 Maxim St WEST RYDE NSW 21146/03/2019Section 8.2 application seeking a review of councils determination of LDA2017/0080 for the construction of a two storey dwelling.Appeals 
LDA2019/007831 Cobham Ave MELROSE PARK NSW 21144/03/2019Change of use of a ground floor Home Business premises to a Business Premises to accommodate a tattoo parlour.Development Application 
LDA2019/009527 Railway Pde EASTWOOD NSW 212221/03/2019Change of use to a hair salon.Development Application 
LDA2019/0092442 Lane Cove Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211321/03/2019Proposed four (4) new 22m high light poles at Tuckwell Park. The proposed hours of operation of the lights are: winter (April to August) Monday to Thursday 4pm to 9:30pm and summer (September to March) Monday to Thursday 6pm to 9pm.Development Application 
LDA2019/0074105 Princes St PUTNEY NSW 21121/03/2019Two (2) lot torrens tittle SubdivisionDevelopment Application 
LDA2019/00751 Stanley St PUTNEY NSW 21125/03/2019New dual occupancy (attached) and landscaping works.Development Application 
LDA2019/007611 Vimiera Rd EASTWOOD NSW 21221/03/2019New multi-dwelling housing development containing three (3) dwellings - 1 x 2 storey, 4 bedroom dwelling at the front and 2 x single storey, 3 bedroom dwellings at the rear as well as strata subdivision.Development Application 
LDA2019/007718 Richard Johnson Cr RYDE NSW 21121/03/2019Demolition; new two-storey dual occupancy (attached), including a swimming pool & front fence.Development Application 
LDA2019/00792 Wentworth Rd EASTWOOD NSW 21225/03/2019New multi-dwelling housing development containing five (5) dwellings - 2 x 2 storey dwellings and 3 x single storey dwellings as well as land consolidation.Development Application 
LDA2019/008045 Hancott St RYDE NSW 21126/03/2019Demolition and construction of a new two storey dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2019/008110 Thorn St RYDE NSW 21126/03/2019Demolition of garage at 10 Thorn Street and partial demolition and alterations to garage at 12 Thorn Street.Development Application 
LDA2019/008264 Farnell St WEST RYDE NSW 21146/03/2019New two storey dwelling and attached secondary dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2019/008324 Adelaide St WEST RYDE NSW 21147/03/2019Torrens Title subdivision of dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 
LDA2019/008470 Cobham Ave MELROSE PARK NSW 21147/03/2019New two storey dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2019/008555 Marsden Rd WEST RYDE NSW 211411/03/2019Torrens Title subdivision of an existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 

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