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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
LDA2020/00702 Richardson Pl NORTH RYDE NSW 21134/03/2020Change of use from an office premises to high technology industryDevelopment Application 
LDA2020/0074570-572 Blaxland Rd EASTWOOD NSW 21226/03/2020Internal fitout to ground floor tenancy and change of use from commercial to dance studios including 2 x business identification signs.Development Application 
LDA2020/0076Shop 2/7 Glen St EASTWOOD NSW 21227/03/2020Change of hours of operation of the existing food premises to 10:00am to 12:00 midnight 7 days a week.Development Application 
LDA2020/00786 Giffnock Ave MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21139/03/2020Infill of existing void area (stairwell) on level 4 to create a trafficable floor area.Development Application 
LDA2020/0091385 Victoria Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211125/03/2020Alterations to existing McDonalds Restaurant involving roof alteration, replacement of play equipment, fencing, removal of signage + installation of two new signsDevelopment Application 
LDA2020/009373 Rowe St EASTWOOD NSW 212227/03/2020Internal Alteration and change of use to grocery store /Supermarket to create Liquor Licence areaDevelopment Application 
LDA2020/006630 Stanbury St GLADESVILLE NSW 21112/03/2020New secondary dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2020/006722 Wilding St MARSFIELD NSW 21222/03/2020To construct part two and three storey dwelling, removal of swimming pool and provision of fill in the rear yard.Development Application 
LDA2020/006834 Clanalpine St EASTWOOD NSW 21223/03/2020New multi-dwelling housing comprising three dwellings - 1 x 2 storey 5 bedroom unit and 2 x single storey, 3 bedroom units and strata subdivision.Development Application 
LDA2020/0069545 Blaxland Rd DENISTONE EAST NSW 21123/03/2020Demolition, new two storey dual occupancy (attached) and strata subdivision.Development Application 
LDA2020/00718 Ferrabetta Ave EASTWOOD NSW 21225/03/2020Ground floor alterations and first floor addition to existing dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2020/00722 Wishart St EASTWOOD NSW 21225/03/2020Demolition, new dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 
LDA2020/007328 Rocca St RYDE NSW 21125/03/2020Awing over existing paved area.Development Application 
LDA2020/007532A Vimiera Rd EASTWOOD NSW 21227/03/2020Alterations and additions to existing dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2020/007710 Ruse St NORTH RYDE NSW 21139/03/2020Torrens Title subdivison of an existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 

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