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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
APL2019/001124 Richmond St DENISTONE EAST NSW 21121/11/2019Section 8.3 review of determination of LDA2019/0188 which proposed a dual occupancy and strata subdivision.Appeals 
LDA2019/03762 Hillview Rd EASTWOOD NSW 21221/11/2019Alterations and first floor addition to the existing building.Development Application 
LDA2019/0386140 Rowe St EASTWOOD NSW 212211/11/2019Widening of the entry, new awnings and illuminated signage.Development Application 
LDA2019/03786A Nancarrow Ave RYDE NSW 21124/11/2019Installation of 4 x business identification signs.Development Application 
LDA2019/039113-19 Glen St EASTWOOD NSW 212214/11/2019Stratum Subdivision of mixed - use developmentDevelopment Application 
LDA2019/038472 Wicks Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 21138/11/2019Strata subdivision of an approved dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 
LDA2019/037556 Morshead St NORTH RYDE NSW 21131/11/2019Demolition, new two storey dwelling and front fence.Development Application 
LDA2019/03778 Pile St GLADESVILLE NSW 21111/11/2019Boundary adjustment and Torrens Title subdivision resulting in 8A Pile Street being deleted and the rear allotment boundaries of 8 Pile Street and 61A Wharf Road being adjusted.Development Application 
LDA2019/037923 Stanbury St GLADESVILLE NSW 21114/11/2019Demolition of existing structures including removal of trees, and construction of new two storey dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2019/03803 Byron Ave RYDE NSW 21125/11/2019Strata subdivision of existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 
LDA2019/03814 Ronald Ave RYDE NSW 21125/11/2019New two storey dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2019/0382106 Constitution Road West MEADOWBANK NSW 21146/11/2019Demolition of garage, alterations and additions to existing dwelling, construction of a new carport and addition of a new studio.Development Application 
LDA2019/038336 Mirool St DENISTONE WEST NSW 21146/11/2019Demolition, alterations to existing dwelling and 2 storey addition.Development Application 
LDA2019/03851 Keiley St MARSFIELD NSW 212211/11/2019Demolition, construction of 4 Bedroom permanent group homeDevelopment Application 
LDA2019/03879 Pidding Rd RYDE NSW 211211/11/2019Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a new part 2/3 storey dwellingDevelopment Application 

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