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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
LDA2020/0091385 Victoria Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211125/03/2020Alterations to existing McDonalds Restaurant involving roof alteration, replacement of play equipment, fencing, removal of signage + installation of two new signsDevelopment Application 
LDA2020/009373 Rowe St EASTWOOD NSW 212227/03/2020Internal Alteration and change of use to grocery store /Supermarket to create Liquor Licence areaDevelopment Application 
LDA2020/008720 Woorang St EASTWOOD NSW 212224/03/2020Torrens title subdivision of dual occupancy attachedDevelopment Application 
LDA2020/00883 Dwyer St RYDE NSW 211224/03/2020Ground and first floor addition to dwellingDevelopment Application 
LDA2020/0090117 Cressy Rd EAST RYDE NSW 211325/03/2020Ground floor alterations & first floor addition to dwellingDevelopment Application 
LDA2020/00924 Hollis Ave DENISTONE EAST NSW 211227/03/2020Torrens title subdivision of dual occupancy attached (prior to RLEP 2014)Development Application 
LDA2020/009523 Hepburn Ave GLADESVILLE NSW 211127/03/2020Construction of a two storey dual occupancy (attached)Development Application 
MOD2020/004857 Greene Ave RYDE NSW 211223/03/2020Section 4.55 (1A) Application seeking to modify Development Consent No. LDA2019/0047 to create a turning area adjacent to the garageModifications 
MOD2020/0049211/7 Mooltan Ave MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211324/03/2020Section 4.55 (1A) Application seeking to extend completion date for public domain worksModifications 
MOD2020/005035 Fisher Ave RYDE NSW 211225/03/2020Section 4.55(1) to delete condition 3 relating to surface water.Modifications 
MOD2020/0051248 North Rd EASTWOOD NSW 212225/03/2020Section 4.55 (2) Application seeking to modify LDA2017/0036 with respect to roof, windows and rain water tankModifications 
MOD2020/005240 Melville St RYDE NSW 211226/03/2020Section 4.55(1A) - application seeking to modify development consent number LDA2012/0223 with respect to front fence, first floor window louvre and bin storageModifications 
MOD2020/00536 Giffnock Ave MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211326/03/2020Section4.55 (1A) - to change the staging of the dedication of land for the purpose of public road prior to the issue of stage 4 occupation certificate thereby amending condition 128 of the DAModifications 
MOD2020/00546 Eltham St GLADESVILLE NSW 211126/03/2020Section 4.55 (1A) application to remove 2 approved swilling pools from the consentModifications 
MOD2020/005527 Moncrieff Dr EAST RYDE NSW 211327/03/2020Section 4.55 (1A) modification to reduce the scoping of approved addition to dwelling.Modifications 

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