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APL2019/00084 Buna St RYDE NSW 21129/07/2019Section 8.3 to review the determination of LDA2019/0089 for a secondary dwelling, which was refused by Council. The internal layout has been amended a part of this application.Appeals 
LDA2019/02241 Lyonpark Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21138/07/2019Re-development works at Optus Campus involving installation of external canopies, modification to bus interchange, adjustment to car parking, removal of 15 trees and other upgrades to the building.Development Application 
LDA2019/022746-48 Blaxland Rd RYDE NSW 211210/07/2019Alterations & Additions to existing building, and first floor additions for shop top housing (2x 1 bedroom units and 2x 2 bed room units) and commercial space associated with existing medical centreDevelopment Application 
LDA2019/0221310 Morrison Rd PUTNEY NSW 21128/07/2019New two storey dwelling with a studio on the first floor and a double garage.Development Application 
LDA2019/0222165 Ryde Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 21118/07/2019Alterations and additions to dwelling including ground floor extension, attic and new carport.Development Application 
LDA2019/0223173 North Rd EASTWOOD NSW 21228/07/2019Torrens Tittle subdivision of dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 
LDA2019/022548 Morshead St NORTH RYDE NSW 211310/07/2019New front fence and roofed pergola over existing deck.Development Application 
LDA2019/022619 Stratford Ave DENISTONE NSW 211410/07/2019New carport.Development Application 
LDA2019/022810 Linsley St GLADESVILLE NSW 211111/07/2019Proposed demolition of existing dwelling house and construction of a 3 storey residential flat building containing 7 units and basement parking (1x1 bed, 4x2 bed and 2x3 bed)Development Application 
LDA2019/02293 York St GLADESVILLE NSW 211112/07/2019Alteration & addition to existing dwelling house, including ground floor extension, first floor addition, pool, front fence and carport.Development Application 
MOD2019/0121340 Lane Cove Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 211312/07/2019Removal of existing shed and associated concrete/paving + The Erection of a Secondary Dwelling (SXC2018-/00449A)Modifications 
MOD2019/012228 Fifth Ave DENISTONE NSW 211412/07/2019Attic within existing roof space including two dormer windowsModifications 
MOD2019/011929 Folkard St NORTH RYDE NSW 21138/07/2019Section 4.55(1A) application to modify from gas to electric hot water.Modifications 
MOD2019/012011 Norma Ave EASTWOOD NSW 212211/07/2019Section 4.55(1A) Application to change the side boundary setback to the carportModifications 

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