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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
CDP2022/09225 Talavera Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211323/11/2022Internal alterations to Level 1 and 2, including installing 5 new phone booths on Level 1, reinstating part of Level 2 to base building condition and removal of the existing inter tenancy stair, excluding slab infill between Levels 1 and 2 - 22/1726/01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/09157 Eden Park Dr MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211321/11/2022Internal Alterations to an Existing Office Premises – removal of internal partitions and relocation of fire services - 12349-01-2022-CDCComplying Development - Private 
CDP2022/0918The Good Kid Kiosk 3407/197-223 Herring Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211322/11/2022Tenancy Fitout of Kiosk - The Good Kid - 00098438Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/0919Ability Options 3007/109 Blaxland Rd RYDE NSW 211222/11/2022Internal office fitout (Shop C3007) - Total cost of works - $32,890 - CF22496CD01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/09257 Herbert St WEST RYDE NSW 211423/11/2022Demolish existing structures - Construction of a two storey attached dual occupancy with basement parking - 220414/01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/093133 Fisher Ave RYDE NSW 211225/11/2022Demolition of existing 1 storey building, and construction of attached 2 storey dwelling with party wall. There will be Swimming pool , driveway and landscaping works at the site. - CDC/2022/060Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/09205 Sheehan St EASTWOOD NSW 212222/11/2022Demolish the existing dwelling house and construct an attached dual occupancy dwelling - 220023/01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/091620 Shepherd St RYDE NSW 211221/11/2022Demolition of existing structures and Construction of an attached dual occupancy - 22143Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/091714 Zola Ave RYDE NSW 211221/11/2022Demolition of existing buildings, construction of a double storey dual occupancy and related landscaping. - 220087/01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/0929229 Vimiera Rd MARSFIELD NSW 212225/11/2022Demolition to existing house and construction of an attached dual occupancy with Associated Site Works - 297D22Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/09262 Storey St PUTNEY NSW 211223/11/2022Subdivision of dual occupancy. - CDC22176_01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/092731 Folkard St NORTH RYDE NSW 211323/11/2022Two (2) lot Torrens Title subdivision of a dual occupancy development. - 17089Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/093023 Farm St GLADESVILLE NSW 211125/11/2022Subdivision of Dual Occupancy - CDC22155_01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/093362 Frances Rd PUTNEY NSW 211225/11/2022Demolition of Existing Structures - 2718/2016Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/09286 Haig Ave DENISTONE EAST NSW 211225/11/2022Demolition of existing dwelling, garage, carport,ancillary structures. - 220490/01Complying Development - Private 

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