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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
CDP2022/08328 Allars St DENISTONE WEST NSW 211426/10/2022Strata subdivision - 539/22Complying Development - Private 
LDA2022/033522 Anthony Rd WEST RYDE NSW 211425/10/2022New secondary dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2022/029872-74 Anzac Ave WEST RYDE NSW 21145/10/2022First floor alterations and additions to Unit 1 and Unit 6 of an existing multi-unit (6 villas) development.Development Application11/11/2022
CDP2022/083341 Argyle Ave RYDE NSW 211226/10/2022Construction of an ingound swimming pool - 220223/01Complying Development - Private 
MOD2022/017213 Auld Ave EASTWOOD NSW 212210/10/2022S4.55(2) to modify LDA2016/0398 for the alterations of internal layout and approved first floor design.Modifications 
MOD2022/01809 Bavin Ave RYDE NSW 211210/10/2022Two storey dual occupancy and garages - 0408/21/01Modifications15/03/2022
CDP2022/081045 Bayview St TENNYSON POINT NSW 21119/10/2022Torrens title subdivision of one (1) lot into two (2) under Low Rise Housing Diversity Code - 220163Complying Development - Private 
LDA2022/033013A Bellevue Ave DENISTONE NSW 211419/10/2022Alterations and additions to existing dwelling.Development Application 
MOD2022/018864 Bennett St WEST RYDE NSW 211420/10/2022S4.55(2) modification to LDA2019/0392 for internal, external and roof form alterations to the approved dual occupancy.Modifications 
CDP2022/08243 Berripa Cl NORTH RYDE NSW 211318/10/2022Construction of an attached two storey dual occupancy - CDC/2022/214Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/08313 Berripa Cl NORTH RYDE NSW 211326/10/20222 lot torrens title subdivision under Low Rise Housing Diversity Code - 220207Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/083043 Brereton St GLADESVILLE NSW 211126/10/2022Demolition of existing structures - 3023153CDCComplying Development - Private 
CDP2022/082553 Champion Rd TENNYSON POINT NSW 211126/10/2022Demolition of existing buildings, construction of a two storey dwelling, basement, swimming pool, cabana and related landscaping. - CDC 26322/01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2022/083414 Champion Rd TENNYSON POINT NSW 211126/10/2022Demolition of Existing Structures - 2667/2016Complying Development - Private 
LDA2022/033158 Champion Rd TENNYSON POINT NSW 211119/10/2022Torrens title subdivision of existing dual occupancy.Development Application 

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