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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
CDP2024/020559 Abuklea Rd MARSFIELD NSW 212212/04/20242 lot torrens title subdivision under the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code - 210296/01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/023219 Ada St NORTH RYDE NSW 211317/04/2024Proposed front fencing, rear retaining walls and cut - 240036Complying Development - Private 
LDA2024/005629 Adelaide St WEST RYDE NSW 21143/04/2024Torrens Title subdivision of existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application26/04/2024
MOD2024/008336 Amelia St NORTH RYDE NSW 211330/04/2024Modification to LDA2023/0106, seeking for reconfiguration to the architectural design and earthworks support of an approved new two storey dwelling developmentModifications 
CDP2024/020018 Baringa St NORTH RYDE NSW 211312/04/2024Two storey dwelling and attached garage - 0275/23/01Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/026745 Bennett St WEST RYDE NSW 211430/04/2024Construction of a swimming pool - FB2024-/00080Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/022265 Beswick Ave NORTH RYDE NSW 211317/04/2024Construction of inground swimming pool to rear of property. - 205/24Complying Development - Private 
LDA2024/00659 Bigland Ave WEST RYDE NSW 211411/04/2024Demolition of all existing structures and construction of a new detached dwelling house with a swimming poolDevelopment Application 
CDP2024/021716 Bird St RYDE NSW 211216/04/20242 lot torrens title subdivision under the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code - 240192Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/0257454 Blaxland Rd DENISTONE NSW 211426/04/2024Demolition of Existing Structures and Construction of a Dual Occupancy with Swimming Pool - 2023/100Complying Development - Private 
MOD2024/0081127-131 Bowden St MEADOWBANK NSW 211423/04/2024Modification to LDA2023/0137, seeking to increase the size and add illumination to a business identification sign along Bowden Street frontage.Modifications 
CDP2024/019928 Brabyn St DENISTONE EAST NSW 211212/04/2024Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of an attached dual occupancy with basement - 3124290CDCComplying Development - Private 
CDP2024/02049 Bruce St RYDE NSW 211212/04/20242 lot torrens title subdivision under the LRHDC - 231011Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/01733 Buffalo Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 21115/04/2024Construction of brick veneer Secondary dwelling - 230077Complying Development - Private 
CDP2024/0238247 Buffalo Rd RYDE NSW 211223/04/20242 lots torren subdivision under the low rise housing diversity code - 240317Complying Development - Private 

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