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APL2019/00104 Champion Rd TENNYSON POINT NSW 21118/10/2019Review of refusal determination of LDA2019/0178 for the construction of a two storey dwelling.Appeals 
LDA2019/03483 Jarvis Cct MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211314/10/2019Proposed installation of artwork.Development Application 
LDA2019/035014 Giffnock Ave MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211316/10/2019Change of use and internal fitout for laboratory.Development Application 
LDA2019/0355238 Victoria Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211118/10/2019Use of the rear part of existing premises for the purpose of vehicle sales with ancillary office space.Development Application 
LDA2019/03661 Wellington Rd RYDE NSW 211225/10/2019Construction of a crypt complex containing 224 above ground burial spaces at Fields of Mars Cemetery.Development Application 
LDA2019/036933/297-307 Victoria Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211128/10/2019Use of the currently unauthorised areas of the existing gym. Minor internal works are proposed to reconfigure the internal gym entry to incorporate the third lift core which directly connects the basement levels to the ground floor gym tenancy only. 30 car parking spaces are allocated for the gym use between 5am and 11pm.Development Application 
LDA2019/037045-61 Waterloo Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211329/10/2019Construction of a temporary access road.Development Application 
LDA2019/0360Macquarie University 192 Balaclava Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211323/10/2019Internal and external alterations to existing building known as the Waratah building on the Macquarie University campus for use as a child care centre. The above proposal is integrated development under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, as the subject site is within 40m of bushfire prone land. The relevant approval body is Rural Fire Service.Development Application 
LDA2019/0373499 Victoria Rd RYDE NSW 211231/10/2019Alteration and additions to Fintan O'Neill Building (Block A) to enable disabled access to the building. The changes include new stairs, ramp and lift at the front of the building and new lift, open staircase and landings at the rear of the building.Development Application 
LDA2019/033476A Twin Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 21131/10/2019Strata subdivision of approved dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 
LDA2019/0335306 Rowe St EASTWOOD NSW 21223/10/2019Conversion of existing garage to a secondary dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2019/03361 Meta St RYDE NSW 21124/10/2019Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a new two storey dwelling.Development Application 
LDA2019/033786 Parklands Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 21134/10/2019New dual occupancy (attached).Development Application 
LDA2019/033872 Fawcett St RYDE NSW 21128/10/2019Proposed two storey dwellingDevelopment Application 
LDA2019/033940 Bayview St TENNYSON POINT NSW 21119/10/2019New two storey dwelling houseDevelopment Application 

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