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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
MOD2023/024624 Baird Ave RYDE NSW 211219/12/2023S4.55(2) modification to LDA2022/0355, seeking for additional floor space on both ground floor and first floor and internal design reconfiguration of an approved dual occupancy(attached) developmentModifications20/02/2024
MOD2024/001717 Auld Ave EASTWOOD NSW 212229/01/2024Modification to LDA2023/0061, seeking for internal reconfiguration to an approved duplex development with associated window changes.Modifications21/02/2024
LDA2023/03363/43 Tramway St WEST RYDE NSW 211422/12/2023Alterations and additions to an existing villa (Unit 3) including: a. Conversion of the existing garage within Unit 3 to a bedroom; and b. Construction of a lock up garage at the private backyard.Development Application21/02/2024
LDA2023/0291123 Lancaster Ave MELROSE PARK NSW 211420/11/2023Demolition of existing structures and construction of a two storey dwelling, swimming pool and related landscaping work.Development Application21/02/2024
LDA2023/011226 Gilda St NORTH RYDE NSW 21135/05/2023New dual occupancy (attached) and Torrens title subdivision into 2 lots.Development Application21/02/2024
LDA2023/013553 Amiens St GLADESVILLE NSW 211129/05/2023Alterations and additions to existing two-storey residential dwelling, a new double garage and a new cellar beneath the ground floor level accessible from a new central stairwell.Development Application22/02/2024
LDA2024/0019130 Ryde Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211131/01/2024Demolition of existing dwelling, tree removal, subdivision into 2 lots and construction of detached single dwelling on each lot.Development Application23/02/2024

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