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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
LDA2018/047622 Mccallum Ave EAST RYDE NSW 211313/12/2018Two new decks to rear of dwelling.Development Application25/03/2019
MOD2019/002912 Kuppa Rd RYDE NSW 211220/02/2019Section 4.55 Application - Modify the on-site detention tank from below the garage to additional water tanks to each side of the dwelling.Modifications25/03/2019
LDA2019/004757 Greene Ave RYDE NSW 21128/02/2019New single storey dwelling and associated retaining walls.Development Application25/03/2019
LDA2019/00655 Jopling St NORTH RYDE NSW 211322/02/2019New two storey dwellingDevelopment Application25/03/2019
MOD2019/0022211/7 Mooltan Ave MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211311/02/2019Section 4.55(1A) to modify condition 56 relating to public domain works.Modifications25/03/2019

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