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LDA2018/0298Macquarie University 192 Balaclava Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211325/07/2018Construction of a four storey learning and teaching facility building to be known as " Clinical Education Building" for use by the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The proposal includes demolition of the existing hard stand areas, removal of 16 car parking spaces and 37 trees. The application will be referred to the Sydney North Planning Panel constituted under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for determination as the capital investment value exceeds $5 million.Development Application12/03/2019
LDA2018/040477 Rutledge St EASTWOOD NSW 212216/10/2018Proposed use of "Green 2" for mini football, netball, children play area, bbq facility as ancillary to club use and fencing around the green.Development Application7/03/2019
LDA2018/04601087-1089 Victoria Rd WEST RYDE NSW 21144/12/2018Change of use to a grocery storeDevelopment Application14/03/2019
LDA2019/0010313-317 Blaxland Rd RYDE NSW 21127/01/2019Internal fit out to existing building and installation of 3 back-lit signage for the purpose of a new medical centreDevelopment Application7/03/2019
LDA2019/002035-41 Waterloo Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211311/01/2019Change of Use and fitout for martial arts studio - Suite G.01 Building 3Development Application14/03/2019
LDA2019/00303 Delhi Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 211323/01/2019Change of use to an indoor recreation facility (gym).Development Application7/03/2019
LDA2019/0034Macquarie University 192 Balaclava Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211324/01/2019Two building identification signs to the hearing hub building facades.Development Application6/03/2019
LDA2019/004480 Eltham St GLADESVILLE NSW 21114/02/2019Alterations and additions to existing building and change of use to a beauty business.Development Application23/03/2019
LDA2018/0043160-186 Balaclava Rd MARSFIELD NSW 212231/01/2018Subdivision of an existing lot into 2 allotments.Development Application18/03/2019
LDA2017/037765 Phillip Rd PUTNEY NSW 211221/09/2017Demolition; new two storey dwelling with basement parking and a swimming pool.Development Application6/03/2019
LDA2018/01075 Farnell St WEST RYDE NSW 211414/03/2018Demolition; new two storey dual occupancy (attached) and swimming pool.Development Application14/03/2019
LDA2018/016659 Magdala Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 21132/05/2018Construction of a multi dwelling housing development comprising 3 dwellings - 1 x two storey 3 bedroom dwelling, 1 x single storey 3 bedroom dwelling and 1 x single storey 2 bedroom dwelling and strata subdivision.Development Application19/03/2019
LDA2018/019778 Champion Rd TENNYSON POINT NSW 211118/05/2018Demolition of existing buildings and two lot Torrens Title subdivision.Development Application4/03/2019
LDA2018/019878 Champion Rd TENNYSON POINT NSW 211118/05/2018New part 2 / part 3 storey dwelling on the subdivided Lot 2 (proposed by a separate development application).Development Application4/03/2019
LDA2018/022658 Champion Rd TENNYSON POINT NSW 21116/06/2018New two storey dual occupancy (attached), two inground swimming pools and associated fencing and landscaping.Development Application12/03/2019

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