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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
MOD2024/008634 Grove St EASTWOOD NSW 2122 Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of attached dual occupancies and garages. - CDC220516MModifications1/05/2024
MOD2024/00873 Price St RYDE NSW 2112 Construction of a New Dwelling, Swimming Pool & Retaining Walls ( Modifications are shown in red on plans) - 220173aModifications2/05/2024
LDA2024/003928 Olive St RYDE NSW 211211/03/20242 lot Torrens Title subdivision of existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application2/05/2024
LDA2024/00596 Percy St GLADESVILLE NSW 21112/04/2024Torrens Title subdivision of an existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application2/05/2024
LDA2023/032720 Waterview St PUTNEY NSW 211218/12/2023Construction of a single storey building and carpark for the purpose of a temporary display suite for a period of 18 months.Development Application3/05/2024
MOD2024/009132 Eastview Ave NORTH RYDE NSW 2113 Alterations and additions to the ground floor including new deck to the rear of the premise. Description of modification 230066/02 to include alteration & internal layout changes and replacement of existing windows to the existing dwelling-house. - 230066/02Modifications8/05/2024
MOD2024/009217 Salter Cr DENISTONE EAST NSW 2112 Delete lower roof above rear patio replace with battens - PC22483/AModifications9/05/2024
MOD2024/003077 Cobham Ave MELROSE PARK NSW 211426/02/2024Section 4.55(2) application to modify LDA2018/0045, seeking internal and external alterations to approved dual occupancy (attached).Modifications10/05/2024
LDA2023/02207 Minga St RYDE NSW 21126/09/2023Demolition existing timber retaining walls and construction of concrete retaining walls to an existing two-storey dwelling.Development Application10/05/2024
LDA2023/027855 Magdala Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 21132/11/2023Alterations and additions to existing dwelling.Development Application10/05/2024
MOD2024/009615 Anzac Ave DENISTONE NSW 2114 demolition of dwelling and construction of dual occupancy. MODIFICATION- change in windows and skylights - CDC/0147392-BModifications13/05/2024
LDA2023/02969 Denman St EASTWOOD NSW 212222/11/2023New secondary dwelling.Development Application13/05/2024
LDA2024/00156 Shackel Ave GLADESVILLE NSW 211124/01/2024Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling house, including demolition of existing unauthorised works and associated landscapingDevelopment Application14/05/2024
LDA2022/03836 Delmar Pde GLADESVILLE NSW 21116/12/2022Partial demolition of existing dwelling, construction of a two-storey dwelling, retainment of garage & associated landscapingDevelopment Application14/05/2024
LDA2023/019723 Chisholm St NORTH RYDE NSW 21132/08/2023Demolition of existing structures, construction of a dual occupancy (attached) and Strata subdivision.Development Application15/05/2024

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