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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
LDA2018/002320 Maxim St WEST RYDE NSW 211419/01/2018New child care facility for 52 children. The proposed hours of operation are 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday.Development Application3/01/2019
LDA2018/0436112 Talavera Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21139/11/2018Temporary sales office.Development Application14/01/2019
LDA2018/0470404 Lane Cove Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211310/12/2018Replacement of signage with a digital sign.Development Application9/01/2019
LDA2018/044129 Clanalpine St EASTWOOD NSW 212215/11/2018Tree removal on a property adjacent to a heritage item.Development Application8/01/2019
LDA2018/0149108 Ryde Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211116/04/2018Construction of a dual occupancy (attached) and strata subdivisionDevelopment Application10/01/2019
LDA2018/018474 Higginbotham Rd RYDE NSW 21128/05/2018Alterations and first floor addition to dwelling including a new garage, inground pool and front and return fences.Development Application2/01/2019
LDA2018/026292 Herring Rd MARSFIELD NSW 21223/07/2018New multi-dwelling housing development comprising 3 dwellings - 1 x 2 storey dwelling at the front and 2 x single storey dwellings at the rear.Development Application7/01/2019
LDA2018/0293318 Morrison Rd PUTNEY NSW 211223/07/2018Demolition; new dual occupancy (attached).Development Application18/01/2019
LDA2018/029765 Delange Rd PUTNEY NSW 211224/07/2018Demolition; new two storey dwelling and front fence.Development Application15/01/2019
LDA2018/0353115 Herring Rd MARSFIELD NSW 21227/09/2018Demolition; new dual occupancy (attached) including front fence and strata subdivision.Development Application14/01/2019
LDA2018/041513 Michael St NORTH RYDE NSW 211325/10/2018New two storey dwelling houseDevelopment Application15/01/2019
LDA2018/042318 Ida St PUTNEY NSW 211229/10/2018Demolition, new two storey dwelling, swimming pool and front fence.Development Application11/01/2019
LDA2018/0435130 Morrison Rd TENNYSON POINT NSW 21118/11/2018Torrens Title subdivision of existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application10/01/2019
LDA2018/0438338 Morrison Rd RYDE NSW 211212/11/2018Alterations and first floor additions to dwelling.Development Application2/01/2019
LDA2018/045225 Milroy St NORTH RYDE NSW 211329/11/2018Demolition of garage, alterations and first floor additions to dwelling including new double garage.Development Application7/01/2019

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