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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
LDA2020/02595 Cutler Pde NORTH RYDE NSW 21133/08/2020New dual occupancy (attached) and strata subdivision.Development Application12/10/2020
LDA2020/009523 Hepburn Ave GLADESVILLE NSW 211127/03/2020Construction of a two storey dual occupancy (attached)Development Application13/10/2020
LDA2020/029637-39 Epping Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21133/09/2020Installation of new fascia sign to replace existing signage.Development Application13/10/2020
APL2020/000515 Federal Rd WEST RYDE NSW 211422/07/2020Section 8.3 Review of Determination for the refused development application LDA2019/0341 for a multi dwelling housing development comprising 3 dwellings (1 x 2 bedroom and 2 x 3 bedroom) and strata subdivision.Appeals13/10/2020
MOD2020/0200175 Shaftsbury Rd EASTWOOD NSW 212228/09/2020Section 4.55(1) application to correct Conditions 71 and 72 relating to compliance with Council’s Public Domain Technical Manual regarding footpath paving, in addition to a number of other minor housekeeping amendments.Modifications13/10/2020
MOD2020/020466A Darvall Rd EASTWOOD NSW 21221/10/2020Section 4.455(1) to correct the version of the approved architectural plans on consent LDA2019/0446.Modifications14/10/2020
LDA2020/01417 Jones St RYDE NSW 21124/05/2020New two storey dwelling and retaining wall.Development Application15/10/2020
MOD2020/016530 Finch Ave EAST RYDE NSW 211319/08/2020Section 4.55(1A) to modify dwelling in respect of the carport, ground floor bathroom and first floor void being converted to a study area.Modifications15/10/2020
LDA2020/028723 Darwin St WEST RYDE NSW 211428/08/2020Strata Title Subdivision of approved multi-dwelling housing development.Development Application15/10/2020
LDA2020/0241448 Blaxland Rd DENISTONE NSW 211416/07/2020New pylon sign.Development Application15/10/2020
MOD2020/01809 Raymond St EASTWOOD NSW 21222/09/2020Section 4.55 - Landscaping modified; Internal and external modifications; OSD tanks modified; 1.65m high front fence included.Modifications16/10/2020
LDA2020/031136 Samuel St RYDE NSW 211217/09/2020Strata subdivision of existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application16/10/2020
LDA2020/02918 Simla Rd DENISTONE NSW 211428/08/2020New swimming pool and associated works to eastern side of proposed new dwelling.Development Application16/10/2020
LDA2020/031238 Ross St GLADESVILLE NSW 21112/10/2020Strata subdivision of existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application16/10/2020
LDA2020/030812 Colvin Cr DENISTONE EAST NSW 211216/09/2020Conversion of garage into a studio and storeroom.Development Application16/10/2020

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