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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
MOD2023/0239120 Lancaster Ave MELROSE PARK NSW 21145/12/2023demolition of all existing structures, construction of a two storey dwelling house - FB2021-/00340BModifications4/12/2023
LDA2023/0268154 Epping Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 211325/10/2023Torrens title subdivision of existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application4/12/2023
MOD2023/024223 Michael St NORTH RYDE NSW 211311/12/2023Change in external finishes - CDC 19723-02Modifications5/12/2023
MOD2023/01971 Lyonpark Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211326/09/2023S4.55(1A) modification to LDA2022/0145, seeking to amend the wording of the deferred commencement conditions, so as to delete Condition A(2) and amend the wording of Condition C in Part 1 to remove references therein relating to the requirement for the applicant to register the Voluntary Planning Agreement on the title of the property of the proposed single storey pavilion building and walkway development.Modifications6/12/2023
LDA2023/015320 Hermitage Rd WEST RYDE NSW 211421/06/2023Demolition and construction of a new attached dual occupancy and detached garages; Torrens title Subdivision into two lots.Development Application6/12/2023
LDA2023/02252-4 Progress Ave EASTWOOD NSW 212211/09/2023Proposed installation of a charcoal cooking exhaust system for an existing restaurant and liquor license. The proposed hours of operation are Monday to Thursday 5pm to midnight, Saturday 11:30am to 1am and Sunday 11:30am to midnight.Development Application6/12/2023
LDA2023/002538 Kulgoa Ave RYDE NSW 21122/02/2023New two storey dwelling including a pool and associated landscaping works.Development Application7/12/2023
LDA2023/004050 Morrison Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211121/02/2023Demolition, tree removal and construction of a new dual occupancy (attached), each dwelling with an outbuilding & swimming pool. The proposal also includes Torrens title subdivision.Development Application7/12/2023
LDA2023/0212119 Princes St PUTNEY NSW 211218/08/2023Demolition; new two storey dwelling with basement garage and front fence.Development Application8/12/2023
LDA2023/0230180 Princes St PUTNEY NSW 211214/09/2023New two storey dwelling, front fence, swimming pool and cabana.Development Application8/12/2023
LDA2022/03773A Third Ave EASTWOOD NSW 212230/11/2022Demolition, new two storey dwelling and swimming pool.Development Application8/12/2023
LDA2023/021859 Winbourne St East WEST RYDE NSW 211429/08/2023A new two storey residential dwelling.Development Application8/12/2023

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