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LDA2019/022746-48 Blaxland Rd RYDE NSW 211210/07/2019Alterations and additions to existing building, and first floor additions for shop top housing (2 x 1 bedroom units and 2 x 2 bedroom units) as well as commercial space associated with existing medical centre.Development Application4/11/2019
MOD2019/0183642-678 Victoria Rd RYDE NSW 211217/09/2019Section 4.55(1A) to increase the height of the approved entry for Porte Cochere by 1.35 metres.Modifications4/11/2019
LDA2019/012376 Darvall Rd DENISTONE WEST NSW 211418/04/2019New two storey dwelling.Development Application4/11/2019
MOD2019/0197108 Pittwater Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211110/10/2019Section 4.55(1A) to modify doors, windows and internal layout.Modifications5/11/2019
LDA2019/028953 Pellisier Rd PUTNEY NSW 211220/08/2019Construction of a boatshed.Development Application5/11/2019
LDA2019/0222165 Ryde Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 21118/07/2019Alterations and additions to dwelling including ground floor extension, attic and new carport.Development Application6/11/2019
LDA2019/037231 Pellisier Rd PUTNEY NSW 211230/10/2019Alterations and additions to existing dwelling including anew garage, conversion of existing undercroft carport to a garage and home theatre, enclosure of existing court to create laundry at ground level, extend terrace in front of bedroom 2 at first floor, new bathroom and kitchenette adjacent to pool and new stairs and landscaping.Development Application6/11/2019
MOD2019/02051 Lyonpark Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211316/10/2019Section 4.55(1A) Application to modify public domain conditions.Modifications7/11/2019
MOD2019/0219642-678 Victoria Rd RYDE NSW 21121/11/2019Section 4.55(1A) to modify condition131 relating to restriction on use (seniors).Modifications7/11/2019
MOD2019/021322A Cambridge St GLADESVILLE NSW 211125/10/2019Section 4.55(1A) to delete kitchen window, relocate garage access door to entry porch and modify kitchen/laundry layout.Modifications7/11/2019
LDA2019/0303201-207 Epping Rd MARSFIELD NSW 212230/08/2019Digital business identification sign.Development Application8/11/2019

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