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MOD2022/020428 Ryrie St NORTH RYDE NSW 211323/11/2022CONSTRUCTION OF DUAL OCCUPANCY DWELLING - CBS21000038301Modifications21/11/2022
MOD2022/020545 Dickson Ave WEST RYDE NSW 211423/11/2022Alterations & Additions to a Dwelling - CDC/2356732-AModifications21/11/2022
LDA2022/01725 Kaga Pl MARSFIELD NSW 212215/06/2022New retaining wall, pergola and landscaping works.Development Application22/11/2022
LDA2022/0191326 Morrison Rd PUTNEY NSW 211228/06/2022New part two part three storey dual occupancy (attached) with a pool for each dwelling.Development Application22/11/2022
LDA2022/032177 Waterview St PUTNEY NSW 211217/10/2022New inground swimming pool.Development Application23/11/2022
MOD2022/012476 Morrison Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211111/07/2022S4.55(2) to modify LDA2016/0377 seeking internal and external changes including: • Changing internal layout & entrance of secondary dwelling; • Changing first floor layout and layout of bedroom 1 and its en-suite; • Enlarging family room and adding a balcony to it; • Moving garage towards Morrison Street; • Reducing number of bedrooms from 4 to 3 on the first floor; • External adjustments in accordance with the internal layout changes.Modifications23/11/2022
LDA2022/0337137-207 Twin Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 211327/10/2022Minor works to western facade of existing clubhouseDevelopment Application23/11/2022
MOD2022/01892 Lawrence St WEST RYDE NSW 211424/10/2022S4.55(2) modification to LDA2021/0357 seeking change to roof pitch, front parapet and roof shape.Modifications23/11/2022
MOD2022/020676 Potts St RYDE NSW 211225/11/2022MODIFIED CDC: Proposed demolition of existing dwelling. Construction of new Torrens Title Dual Occupancy development & new driveway crossovers - 462/22Modifications24/11/2022
LDA2022/0274114 Buffalo Rd RYDE NSW 21128/09/2022Torrens title subdivision of existing dual occupancy. The above proposal is integrated development under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, as the subject site is within 40m of bushfire prone land. The relevant approval body is NSW RFS.Development Application24/11/2022
LDA2022/026042 Badajoz Rd RYDE NSW 211222/08/2022Home food business - cake baking and decoration. Cupcake decorating classes will occur on Saturday and Sunday for up to 2 hours between 1pm – 4pm. The classes will occur a maximum of twice a month and a maximum of 4 students will attend.Development Application24/11/2022
LDA2022/025116 Lyndhurst St GLADESVILLE NSW 211117/08/2022Alterations and additions to existing dwelling including a new inground pool with deck.Development Application24/11/2022

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