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MOD2019/002330 Farnell St WEST RYDE NSW 211411/02/2019Section 4.55(1A) application to modify the lines of subdivision for all three units within the approved development.Modifications18/03/2019
MOD2019/001563 Patricia St MARSFIELD NSW 21221/02/2019Section 4.55 - Inclusion of a 1.6m high front fence, retaining walls and associated landscaping.Modifications18/03/2019
LDA2019/00421 Oakes Ave EASTWOOD NSW 21224/02/2019Torrens title subdivision of existing dual occupancyDevelopment Application18/03/2019
LDA2018/0043160-186 Balaclava Rd MARSFIELD NSW 212231/01/2018Subdivision of an existing lot into 2 allotments.Development Application18/03/2019
MOD2018/001233 Nancarrow Ave RYDE NSW 211219/01/2018Section 96(1A) modification to stages 6 & 7 of the Shepherd's Bay development by providing a driveway link to the adjoining property at 102-104 Bowden Street, reconfiguring the basement parking layout, creating an additional 2 dwellings, converting a one bedroom dwelling into a 2 bedroom dwelling and modifying the building envelope and associated landscaping.Modifications19/03/2019
MOD2019/002780 Waterloo Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211318/02/2019Section 4.55(1A) application seeking to modify condition No 200 of LDA2016/0524 with respect to waste collection service. Demolition of existing buildings and construction of a mixed use development containing retail and residential uses. The development proposes 2 buildings ranging in height from 17 storeys to 21 storeys. A total of 412 residential units and 4 retail spaces of 214m² are proposed. Three basement levels containing 360 car parking spaces and landscaping works are also proposed.Modifications19/03/2019
MOD2019/0033642-678 Victoria Rd RYDE NSW 211227/02/2019Section 4.55 - Stormwater Drainage Condition No. 66 and Condition No. 135 (e) - Deleted.Modifications19/03/2019
LDA2018/016659 Magdala Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 21132/05/2018Construction of a multi dwelling housing development comprising 3 dwellings - 1 x two storey 3 bedroom dwelling, 1 x single storey 3 bedroom dwelling and 1 x single storey 2 bedroom dwelling and strata subdivision.Development Application19/03/2019
MOD2019/0031230 Victoria Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211121/02/2019Proposed Section 4.55 (1) Application seeking to correct an error with respect to reference to Acoustic Report contained under condition no.119 of LDA2015/0433Modifications20/03/2019
MOD2018/0194153 Buffalo Rd RYDE NSW 21127/08/2018Section 4.55(2) to modify the approved dual occupancy. The changes involve the addition of a pool for each unit and extension of a deck to Unit 1 and a pergola over the first floor deck.Modifications20/03/2019
MOD2018/027897 Quarry Rd RYDE NSW 211221/11/2018Section 4.55(1A) application to amend the garage slab from being suspended on piers to a slab on the ground and the deletion of existing brick fence at the front of the siteModifications20/03/2019
LDA2018/027146 Ryedale Rd DENISTONE NSW 21149/07/2018New dual occupancy (attached) and strata subdivision.Development Application22/03/2019
MOD2018/023568 Blaxland Rd RYDE NSW 211217/09/2018Section 4.55 (2) application to modify condition no.7 relating to the approved trading hours of the Royal Hotel. The hours are proposed to be extended on Monday to Saturday from 10:00am until 2:00am the following day to 10:00am until 4:00am. No change is proposed to the Sunday hours of 10:00am to 12 midnight.Modifications22/03/2019
LDA2019/004480 Eltham St GLADESVILLE NSW 21114/02/2019Alterations and additions to existing building and change of use to a beauty business.Development Application23/03/2019

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