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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
LDA2018/02224 Alexandria Ave EASTWOOD NSW 21224/06/2018New two storey dwelling and a detached secondary dwelling including front fence.Development Application11/07/2019
LDA2018/0398294 Lane Cove Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 211311/10/2018New two storey dual occupancy (attached) and strata subdivision.Development Application12/07/2019
LDA2019/00384 Daphne St WEST RYDE NSW 211430/01/2019Torrens title subdivision of one lot into twoDevelopment Application9/07/2019
LDA2019/007718 Richard Johnson Cr RYDE NSW 21121/03/2019Demolition; new two-storey dual occupancy (attached), including a swimming pool & front fence.Development Application8/07/2019
LDA2019/01622 Beattie Ave DENISTONE EAST NSW 211224/05/2019Alterations and first floor addition to existing dwelling.Development Application12/07/2019
LDA2019/016315 Small's Rd RYDE NSW 211227/05/2019Torrens Tittle subdivision of existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application12/07/2019
LDA2019/018716 Cooper St MARSFIELD NSW 212212/06/2019Additions and alterations to dwellingDevelopment Application10/07/2019
LDA2019/019646 David Ave NORTH RYDE NSW 211317/06/2019Torrens Title subdivision of existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application12/07/2019
MOD2019/01121087-1089 Victoria Rd WEST RYDE NSW 21142/07/2019Section 4.55(1) to delete conditions of consent imposed in error.Modifications12/07/2019
MOD2019/011870 Winbourne Street East WEST RYDE NSW 21145/07/2019Section 4.55 (1) - to correct minor error in the development consent issued under LDA2013/228 with respect to legal description of the subject site (DP)Modifications9/07/2019
MOD2019/0089723-731 Victoria Rd RYDE NSW 21127/06/2019Modification under S4.55(1A) to vary condition 69 under MOD2017/85 regarding stormwater connectionModifications9/07/2019
MOD2019/009814 Bellamy Ave EASTWOOD NSW 212219/06/2019Roof pitch and profile modified.Modifications12/07/2019
MOD2019/009914 Bellamy Ave EASTWOOD NSW 212219/06/2019Roof pitch and profile modified.Modifications12/07/2019
MOD2019/01136 Giffnock Ave MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21132/07/2019Section 4.55(1A) to modify the staging of the Stage 2 and 4 works, including the creation of a new Stage 2.1.Modifications11/07/2019

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