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MOD2022/022078 Champion Rd TENNYSON POINT NSW 211122/12/2022S4.55(2) modification to LDA2018/0198 seeking to install a car stacker and various internal and external changes to the approved dwelling.Modifications1/02/2023
LDA2022/008145 Balaclava Rd EASTWOOD NSW 212216/03/2022Two lot subdivision and tree removal. Demolition of existing carport and construction of a new carport.Development Application2/02/2023
LDA2022/03077 Torrington Dr MARSFIELD NSW 212210/10/2022New two storey dwelling.Development Application2/02/2023
MOD2023/001910 Brereton St GLADESVILLE NSW 21117/02/2023MODIFIED CDC: Alterations and additions to existing dwelling Modification: Changes to W08 and BASIX - CDC-21315/02Modifications6/02/2023
LDA2022/03568 Deborah Pl EASTWOOD NSW 212211/11/2022New two storey dwelling, detached cabana and alterations to existing pool.Development Application6/02/2023
LDA2022/024925 Kennedy St GLADESVILLE NSW 211116/08/2022Construction of a part two/part three storey dual occupancy (attached).Development Application6/02/2023
LDA2022/037324 Ross St GLADESVILLE NSW 211123/11/2022Demolition, new two storey dwelling and lower ground floor, in-ground pool and associated works.Development Application9/02/2023
LDA2022/031239 Folkard St NORTH RYDE NSW 211312/10/2022New dual occupancy (attached) with associated landscape works and Strata title subdivision.Development Application9/02/2023
LDA2022/034666A Phillip Rd PUTNEY NSW 21123/11/2022Demolition of pool and part of awning (attached to dwelling) and construction of a new detached secondary dwelling.Development Application10/02/2023
LDA2022/02991 Trevitt Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 21135/10/2022New two storey dwelling.Development Application10/02/2023
LDA2022/028423A Epping Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 211316/09/2022Demolition, new two storey dwelling.Development Application10/02/2023
APL2022/00043 Porter St RYDE NSW 211214/09/2022Section 8.3 review of determination LDA2021/0296 for the fitout and use of the redundant plant area for the purposes of storage and distribution of goods.Appeals11/02/2023
LDA2022/032610 Monash Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211118/10/2022Strata subdivision of Lot 35A & Lot 35B of existing residential apartment block.Development Application14/02/2023
MOD2023/001422 Clanalpine St EASTWOOD NSW 212223/01/2023Section 4.55. Internal & external modifications.Modifications14/02/2023
LDA2023/000420 Beach St TENNYSON POINT NSW 211112/01/2023Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling including a new garage.Development Application14/02/2023

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