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CDA2024/00015-9 Devlin St RYDE NSW 211219/03/2024To build additional partitions within the existing office space so as to create more individual rooms, remove one partition to make one room bigger. No further modification is requiredComplying Development - Council15/04/2024
LDA2023/009416 Cross St RYDE NSW 211213/04/2023Relocation of mechanical air handling unit and pool equipment from 14 Cross Street to 16 Cross Street including associated works.Development Application15/04/2024
LDA2024/0027225 Morrison Rd PUTNEY NSW 211213/02/2024Internal fit out works to shop 6 on the first floor of the existing commercial building for use as a hairdresser.Development Application9/04/2024
LDA2024/0037Shop 10/1 Glen St EASTWOOD NSW 21221/03/2024SHOPFRONT ILLUMINATED SIGNAGEDevelopment Application9/04/2024
LDA2024/0021724-730 Victoria Rd RYDE NSW 21125/02/2024Proposed reconstruction of part of existing retaining wall along the Victoria Road frontage of the registered Club.Development Application29/04/2024
LDA2024/0022Marriott Hotel 7-11 Talavera Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21136/02/2024Alterations and additions to an existing office building, infill of the stairs at level 8 and removal of the vertical circulation area, resulting in a minor increase of gross floor area of 36.9m2.Development Application3/04/2024
LDA2024/00262/21A-23 Tyrell St GLADESVILLE NSW 211112/02/2024Alterations and additions to the rear of 2/21A-23 Tyrell Street Gladesville (an existing semi-detached dwelling)Development Application30/04/2024
LDA2023/03149 Neil St NORTH RYDE NSW 211311/12/2023New two storey dwelling.Development Application3/04/2024
LDA2023/028422 Mirool St WEST RYDE NSW 211410/11/2023Alterations and additions to existing dwelling.Development Application8/04/2024
LDA2024/004119 Longview St EASTWOOD NSW 212211/03/20242 Lot Strata title subdivision of an existing dual occupancy (attached)Development Application17/04/2024
LDA2024/00039 Erina St EASTWOOD NSW 212216/01/2024New two storey dwelling.Development Application29/04/2024
LDA2024/00751A Cobham Ave MELROSE PARK NSW 211424/04/2024Demolition of existing structuresDevelopment Application26/04/2024
LDA2024/002470 Church St RYDE NSW 21128/02/2024New two storey dwelling.Development Application8/04/2024
LDA2024/005629 Adelaide St WEST RYDE NSW 21143/04/2024Torrens Title subdivision of existing dual occupancy (attached).Development Application26/04/2024
LDA2023/026510 Avon Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 211320/10/2023New single storey dwelling.Development Application24/04/2024

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