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MOD2021/002036 Mirool St DENISTONE WEST NSW 21148/02/2021Section 4.55(1) to delete condition 29(b) of LDA2019/383Modifications1/03/2021
LDA2020/041759 Morrison Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 21112/12/2020Alterations and Additions to existing dwelling to create a three (3) dwelling Manor house. This will include: - Demolition of the roof and addition of first floor level for 2 dwellings; - Alterations to ground level to create a 3rd dwelling; - Install an external stairs for access to first floor level dwellings.Development Application2/03/2021
LDA2020/04423 Susan Pl EASTWOOD NSW 212216/12/2020Alterations and first floor addition to existing dwelling.Development Application2/03/2021
APL2020/000622A Agincourt Rd MARSFIELD NSW 212210/11/2020Section 8.3 review of determination of LDA2020/13 which was refused for the demolition of existing dwelling, construction of new dual occupancy (attached) and strata subdivision.Appeals3/03/2021
MOD2020/0209197-223 Herring Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21136/10/2020Section 4.55(1A) to amend the approved building envelope along the south-western alignment to accommodate the relocated Olympic sized ice rink and associated infrastructure.Modifications4/03/2021
LDA2020/0400120-122 Pittwater Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211124/11/2020Tree removal on heritage propertyDevelopment Application4/03/2021
MOD2020/025046 Melville St RYDE NSW 211214/12/2020Section 4.55(1A) Modification to delete first floor of Unit 1 of dual occupancy approved under LDA2012/0025.Modifications5/03/2021
LDA2021/005317 Rickard St RYDE NSW 211223/02/2021Torrens title subdivision of an existing dual occupancy (attached)Development Application5/03/2021
LDA2021/002824 Cobham Ave MELROSE PARK NSW 21142/02/2021Alterations and first floor additions to existing dwelling.Development Application5/03/2021
LDA2021/0048114 Buffalo Rd RYDE NSW 21122/03/2021Strata subdivision of approved dual occupancy.Development Application8/03/2021
LDA2020/03888 Western Cr GLADESVILLE NSW 21116/11/2020Proposed Amending Development Application under Section 4.17(1)(b) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to amend Local Development Application No. LDA2016/0058 as follows: - Delete basements levels 4 and 5, - Remove the approved youth centre and change the ground floor and mezzanine use to a ‘community facility’, - Revise the internal apartment layouts, amending the total number of apartments from 34 to 33, and reducing total parking spaces from 98 car spaces to 56, - The overall height of the development remains at 10 storeys. The above proposal is integrated development under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, as the subject site may requires a dewatering licence. The relevant approval body is WaterNSW.Development Application8/03/2021
LDA2020/033495 Blaxland Rd RYDE NSW 211230/09/2020Alterations and additions to existing commercial building.Development Application8/03/2021
LDA2020/03172 Cottonwood Cr MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211321/09/2020Site works, excavation, shoring and piling. The DA for building works on the site has already been notified separately as LDA2020/243. The proposed development is ‘Integrated Development’ in accordance with the Water Management Act, 2000, as the proposed basement excavation is of a depth that will intercept groundwater levels on the site. The relevant approval bodies are Natural Resource Access Regulator and Water NSW.Development Application8/03/2021
MOD2021/0028186 Pittwater Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211122/02/2021Section 4.55(1A) to modify approved landscape plan under LDA2018/266 to retain a tree.Modifications10/03/2021
LDA2020/045325 Berripa Cl NORTH RYDE NSW 211323/12/2020Demolition, new dual occupancy (attached) and strata subdivision.Development Application10/03/2021

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