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APL2019/000510 Jayne St WEST RYDE NSW 211415/05/2019Section 8.3 review of determination for LDA2018/405 which proposed a dual occupancy which was refused by Council. Amended plans have been submitted which increase the rear setback by reducing the size of balconies, provision of privacy screening and deleting one car parking space.Appeals12/08/2019
APL2019/000643 Thompson St GLADESVILLE NSW 211117/06/2019Section 8.3 application for review of determination of LDA2018/0480 which proposed a dual occupancy development and strata subdivision, This application was refused by Council and the applicant has requested that Council review this determination.Appeals8/08/2019
LDA2019/017717-19 Ryedale Rd WEST RYDE NSW 21144/06/2019Change of use and internal fitout of an existing commercial space to a dental and facial clinic including associated signage.Development Application30/08/2019
LDA2019/019915 Halifax St MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211319/06/2019Fitout of supermarket and liquor store and alterations to the frontages of the tenancy.Development Application30/08/2019
LDA2019/02241 Lyonpark Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21138/07/2019Re-development works at Optus Campus involving installation of external canopies, modification to bus interchange, adjustment to car parking, removal of 15 trees and other upgrades to the building.Development Application16/08/2019
LDA2016/0378152 Rowe St EASTWOOD NSW 21221/09/2016Demolition of all buildings & structures on the site and construction of a mixed use development proposing 7 buildings. The uses within the buildings include retail, commercial & residential. The development will contain 409 residential apartments consisting of 176 x 1 bedroom, 243 x 2 bedroom & 21 x 3 bedroom apartments. The development proposes 4 levels of basement car parking for 1,035 vehicles. The heights of the buildings range from 6 to 13 storeys. The development also includes two open air through site pedestrian links between Rowe St & Rutledge St and landscaping works within the site. The application will be referred to the Sydney Planning Panel constituted under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act for determination as the capital investment value exceeds $20 million.Development Application7/08/2019
LDA2017/030229 Malvina St RYDE NSW 21129/08/2017Proposed two lot Torrens Title land subdivision. The above proposal is integrated development under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, as the subject proposal is within 40m of a waterway and within 40m of bushfire prone land. The relevant approval bodies are the NSW Office of Water & the NSW Rural Fire Service.Development Application28/08/2019
LDA2018/02079 Bareena Pl MARSFIELD NSW 212225/05/2018New two storey dual occupancy (attached).Development Application12/08/2019
LDA2018/024133 Edgar St EASTWOOD NSW 212212/06/2018Demolition of the existing structures and construction of a multi-dwelling housing development containing six (6) dwellings, lot consolidation and strata subdivision.Development Application20/08/2019
LDA2018/02762 Norma Ave EASTWOOD NSW 212211/07/2018Boundary adjustment and construction of two dual occupancies and strata subdivision of the dual occupancies.Development Application23/08/2019
LDA2018/0363958 Victoria Rd WEST RYDE NSW 211413/09/2018Alterations & additions to the existing 9 room boarding house involving the following bringing the total boarding room number to 17: • First floor rear addition to accommodate 2 new rooms; • New single storey detached building to accommodate 4 new rooms; • New two storey detached building to accommodate 4 new rooms. The proposal is integrated development under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, as the subject and adjoining sites are listed on the State Heritage Register. The relevant approval body is the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage.Development Application8/08/2019
LDA2018/04266-8 Sluman St DENISTONE WEST NSW 21142/11/2018Demolition; new dual occupancy (attached) with basement garage.Development Application7/08/2019
LDA2018/04394 Beverley Cr MARSFIELD NSW 212213/11/2018Demolition; new two storey dual occupancy (attached).Development Application20/08/2019
LDA2018/048323 Hepburn Ave GLADESVILLE NSW 211113/12/2018Demolition, new dual occupancy (attached) and swimming pool.Development Application29/08/2019
LDA2018/0499147 Balaclava Rd MARSFIELD NSW 212218/12/2018Demolition and construction of a two storey boarding house containing 10 rooms under the provisions of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009.Development Application2/08/2019

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