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APL2019/0013165 Ryde Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211117/12/2019Alterations and additions to dwelling including ground floor extension, attic and new carport.Appeals27/02/2020
LDA2016/061729 Buffalo Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 211121/12/2016Construction of two warehouse buildings consisting of a warehouse & distribution centre with ancillary office space, a separate building consisting of two retail tenancies, at grade parking for 30 vehicles, landscaping and stormwater management works.Development Application13/02/2020
LDA2019/00232 Cottonwood Cr MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211315/01/2019Demolition of existing buildings and the construction of a 14 storey residential apartment building comprising143 residential apartments (27 x 1 bedroom units, 44 x 2 bedroom units, 44 x 3 bedroom units, 24 x 2 bedroom townhouses and 4 x 3 bedroom townhouses). Car parking for 163 vehicles is proposed over 3 and half basement levels as well as landscaping and associated site works. The application will be referred to the Sydney North Planning Panel constituted under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for determination as the capital investment value exceeds $30 million. The proposal is integrated development under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979, as the subject site requires a dewatering licence. The relevant approval body is Water NSW.Development Application18/02/2020
LDA2019/03661 Wellington Rd RYDE NSW 211225/10/2019Construction of a crypt complex containing 224 above ground burial spaces at Fields of Mars Cemetery.Development Application20/02/2020
LDA2019/040310 Blenheim Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 211320/11/2019Fitout and change of use from physiotherapy to tutoringDevelopment Application28/02/2020
LDA2020/0004248 North Rd EASTWOOD NSW 21223/01/2020Torrens title subdivision of an existing dual occupancy (attached)Development Application18/02/2020
LDA2017/035826 Mcgowan St PUTNEY NSW 211211/09/2017Construction of a new dwelling house with a swimming poolDevelopment Application6/02/2020
LDA2019/01223 Wade St PUTNEY NSW 211218/04/2019Torrens title subdivision of dual occupancy (attached)Development Application6/02/2020
LDA2019/01601 Perkins St DENISTONE WEST NSW 211423/05/2019New two storey dual occupancy (attached) and masonry front fence, removal of four trees and strata tittle subdivision.Development Application10/02/2020
LDA2019/020725 Pellisier Rd PUTNEY NSW 211225/06/2019Torrens Title subdivision into two lots.Development Application28/02/2020
LDA2019/029715 Spring St EASTWOOD NSW 212227/08/2019New two storey dual occupancy (attached) and strata subdivision.Development Application7/02/2020
LDA2019/03072 Russell St DENISTONE EAST NSW 21125/09/2019Demolition, land subdivision of 1 lot into 2 lots, new two storey dual occupancy (attached) with strata subdivision on Lot 1 and new two storey dwelling with lap pool and secondary dwelling on Lot 2.Development Application28/02/2020
LDA2019/032986 Bennett St WEST RYDE NSW 211424/09/2019New two storey dual occupancy (attached).Development Application26/02/2020
LDA2019/033476A Twin Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 21131/10/2019Strata subdivision of approved dual occupancy (attached).Development Application17/02/2020
LDA2019/033872 Fawcett St RYDE NSW 21128/10/2019New two storey dwellingDevelopment Application17/02/2020

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