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LDA2019/043720 Maxim St WEST RYDE NSW 211412/12/2019Alterations and additions to an existing dwelling and change of use to a child care centre for 48 children. Proposed hours of operation are 7.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.Development Application3/05/2021
LDA2020/0408160 Quarry Rd RYDE NSW 21121/12/2020New 2 storey dwelling and semi-basement garageDevelopment Application4/05/2021
LDA2021/009739 Kulgoa Ave RYDE NSW 211231/03/2021Demolition, new two storey dwelling.Development Application4/05/2021
LDA2020/041111 Fernvale Ave WEST RYDE NSW 21141/12/2020Construction of a two storey dwellingDevelopment Application4/05/2021
LDA2021/00682D Tallwood Ave EASTWOOD NSW 21224/03/2021Torrens Title subdivision of an existing dual occupancyDevelopment Application5/05/2021
LDA2021/01064 Mcgregor St NORTH RYDE NSW 21137/04/2021New deck and awning to rear of dwelling.Development Application6/05/2021
LDA2021/009429 Bowden St RYDE NSW 211230/03/2021New 1.2m high front fencel.Development Application6/05/2021
LDA2021/00342 Deakin St WEST RYDE NSW 21145/02/2021Construction of a multi unit dwelling development consisting of 3 dwellings (1x two storey 5 bedroom dwelling & 2 x single storey 3 bedroom dwellings).Development Application7/05/2021
LDA2021/0098328-332 Victoria Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 21116/04/2021Installation of a Fascia and Flush Wall SignDevelopment Application7/05/2021
LDA2021/00857 Rundle Pl GLADESVILLE NSW 211123/03/2021New two storey dwelling.Development Application7/05/2021
LDA2021/0103159-161 Epping Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 21136/04/20216 x temporary business identification signage on 2 x crane structures (3 per crane) along Epping Road for construction works associated with LDA2018/171.Development Application10/05/2021
MOD2021/00594 Short St GLADESVILLE NSW 211129/03/2021Section 4.55 - Front retaining walls modified; Location & height of rainwater tanks modified; Boundary fence height along North-Eastern side increased from 1.8m to 2.1m.Modifications10/05/2021
MOD2021/00604 Short St GLADESVILLE NSW 211129/03/2021Section 4.55 - Landscaping around pool modified; Boundary fence height along North-Eastern side increased from 1.8m to 2.1m.Modifications10/05/2021
LDA2021/007710 Long Ave EAST RYDE NSW 211322/03/2021Demolition of existing detached garage and alterations and additions to the existing dwelling.Development Application11/05/2021
LDA2020/0354212 Rowe St EASTWOOD NSW 212230/10/2020Demolition, minor earthworks, new home-based building, amenities block and landscaping. The application will be referred to the Sydney North Planning Panel constituted under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for determination as the capital investment value exceeds $5 million for a Crown development.Development Application12/05/2021

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