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Application LinkAddressLodgement DateDescriptionGroup DescriptionDetermined Date
CDA2022/00054 Deborah Pl EASTWOOD NSW 212215/09/2022Filling in an existing Swimming PoolComplying Development - Council24/10/2022
LDA2021/039439 College St GLADESVILLE NSW 211112/11/2021Demolition of existing warehouse and erection of 49 new warehousing unitsDevelopment Application17/10/2022
LDA2022/01451 Lyonpark Rd MACQUARIE PARK NSW 211317/05/2022Construction of a single storey pavilion building and walkway, associated demolition works, landscaping and access & drainage works within the existing Optus campus.Development Application13/10/2022
LDA2022/0185259 Rowe St EASTWOOD NSW 212222/06/2022Addition of an outdoor dining area at the rear of the existing restaurant.Development Application7/10/2022
LDA2022/0193128 Quarry Rd RYDE NSW 211229/06/2022Internal fitout and change of use from a corner store to a charcoal chicken take-away shop including 3 business identification signs.Development Application21/10/2022
LDA2021/02882 Pope St RYDE NSW 211225/08/2021Demolition, amalgamation of sites & construction of a five-storey mixed-use development comprising ground floor medical centre & café and 72 serviced apartments on the upper floors & 3 levels of basement parking with 66 spaces.Development Application20/10/2022
LDA2022/0006197 Delhi Rd NORTH RYDE NSW 211311/01/2022Removal of trees from the northern suburbs Crematorium site (heritage site)Development Application14/10/2022
LDA2022/016212 Darvall Rd EASTWOOD NSW 21221/06/2022Demolition of the existing dwelling, Torrens title subdivision into two lots under a battle-axe arrangement, installation of stormwater infrastructure including drainage pipes and OSD, and tree removal.Development Application17/10/2022
LDA2022/02412 Cave Ave NORTH RYDE NSW 211315/08/2022Alterations and additions to residential development.Development Application14/10/2022
LDA2022/03032 Wishart St EASTWOOD NSW 21226/10/2022Torrens title subdivision of approved dual occupancy.Development Application18/10/2022
LDA2022/009330 Clanalpine St EASTWOOD NSW 212224/03/2022Removal of one (1) tree from a heritage property.Development Application18/10/2022
LDA2022/003876 Rutledge St EASTWOOD NSW 21223/02/2022Demolition, new two storey dual occupancy (attached) and Torrens Title subdivision.Development Application13/10/2022
LDA2022/000922 Bronhill Ave EAST RYDE NSW 211312/01/2022Alterations & additions to existing dwelling, including an in-ground swimming pool.Development Application13/10/2022
LDA2022/019846 Monash Rd GLADESVILLE NSW 21114/07/2022Alterations and additions to existing dwelling including rear deck and carport and detached home office.Development Application12/10/2022
LDA2022/026334 Terry Rd DENISTONE NSW 211423/08/2022Alterations to ground floor and first floor additions to existing dwelling.Development Application12/10/2022

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