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Application IDLDA2019/0056
Application DescriptionConstruction of two storey dual occupancy
Property Address20 Grand Ave WEST RYDE NSW 2114
Closing Date02/04/2019

Application IDLDA2019/0057
Application DescriptionGround floor and lower ground floor alterations including an extension to the rear balcony.
Property Address9 Eric St EASTWOOD NSW 2122
Closing Date26/03/2019

Application IDLDA2019/0064
Application DescriptionDemolition and construction of a new part 2 and part 3 storey dwelling
Property Address5 Keats Ave RYDE NSW 2112
Closing Date02/04/2019

Application IDLDA2019/0073
Application DescriptionConstruction of a multi level car park to accommodate 161 cars and a small pop-up retail space. The application will be referred to the Sydney North Planning Panel constituted under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for determination as the capital investment value exceeds $5 million and the project is a Council related development.
Property Address53-71 Rowe St EASTWOOD NSW 2122
Closing Date12/04/2019

Application IDLDA2019/0074
Application DescriptionTwo (2) lot torrens tittle Subdivision
Property Address105 Princes St PUTNEY NSW 2112
Closing Date09/04/2019

Application IDLDA2019/0078
Application DescriptionChange of use of a ground floor Home Business premises to a Business Premises to accommodate a tattoo parlour.
Property Address31 Cobham Ave MELROSE PARK NSW 2114
Closing Date09/04/2019

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