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Application Details
Application IDMOD2022/0128
DescriptionS4.55(2) to modify LDA2021/0363 for minor changes to the dual occupancy (attached) building comprising a new basement level and modifications to adopt Council's amendments in red.
CategorySection 96 (2) - Environmental Impact
Sub Category 
Lodgement Date14/07/2022
Estimated Cost$940,000.00

Address6 Clermont Ave RYDE NSW 2112
Land DescriptionLot Y DP 418160

Additional Information

Name Details
NameClermont Homes Pty Limited

DescriptionEvent DecisionDate StartedDate Finalised
Application LodgedLodged14/07/202214/07/2022
Allocate to Assessment OfficerCompleted1/08/20221/08/2022
Which delegation is required for determination?Manager Assessment29/09/202229/09/2022
Is notification required?14 days1/08/20221/08/2022
Referral sent to Development EngineerCompleted1/08/20221/08/2022
Referral sent to Landscape ArchitectCompleted1/08/20221/08/2022
Letter drafted requesting additional informationCompleted29/09/202229/09/2022
Has satisfactory information been received?No29/09/202229/09/2022
Refer to Manager AssessmentApproved29/09/202229/09/2022

Related Applications
Application IDLDA2021/0363
eTrack Application Details PageLDA2021/0363
DescriptionNew dual occupancy (attached), swimming pools and Torrens title subdivision of proposed Lot 2 under LDA2021/0148.

Notification Period and Reasons for Decision
DescriptionAdvertising & Notification
NoteNotification letters sent 1 August 2022 - Submissions close 15 August 2022

DescriptionReasons for Decision
Note1. The proposal meets the requirements of Section 4.55(2) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. 2. The proposal is permissible with consent and is consistent with the objectives of the zone and development standards in Ryde LEP 2014. 3. The proposal increases the floor space ratio under clause 4.4 of the Ryde LEP 2014 and no objection is raised to the addition of the basement level and associated gross floor area as the basement does not alter the scale of the development and streetscape as viewed from the public domain. 4. The proposal is generally consistent with the objectives and development controls of the DCP 2014, with minimal environmental impacts. 5. The proposal will not result in any unacceptable impact on adjoining properties. 6. The proposal is suitable for the site and is not contrary to the public interest. 7. The submissions received in response to the application have been adequately addressed in the assessment report.

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