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Application IDLDA2022/0361
DescriptionDemolition of the existing structures, removal of trees, construction of a 2 storey child care facility with 18 basement car parking spaces with a maximum capacity of 91 children (0-5 years) and 15 educators. The facility comprises 4 indoor play rooms over 2 levels, sleeping rooms, administrative areas, kitchen, laundry, storerooms, amenities and 4 outdoor play areas at ground level, at the lower and upper decks and within the first floor level. Hours of operation are 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday. The proposal includes associated storm water drainage works, including connecting to a downstream legal point of discharge via the neighbouring property(ies).
GroupDevelopment Application
Sub CategoryNew
Lodgement Date17/11/2022
Estimated Cost$3,236,036.00

Address9 Lincoln St EASTWOOD NSW 2122
Land DescriptionLot 15 DP 15393

Additional Information

Name Details
NameLaurie Liskowski

DescriptionEvent DecisionDate StartedDate Finalised
Application LodgedLodged17/11/202217/11/2022
Allocate to Assessment OfficerCompleted18/11/202218/11/2022
Is notification required?14 days21/11/202217/11/2022
Referral sent to Tree Management OfficerCompleted18/11/202218/11/2022
Referral sent to City Works & InfrastructureCompleted18/11/202218/11/2022
Referral sent to Development EngineerCompleted18/11/202218/11/2022
Referral sent to EHOCompleted18/11/202218/11/2022
Referral sent to Landscape ArchitectCompleted18/11/202218/11/2022
Letter drafted requesting additional informationCompleted19/12/202219/12/2022

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Notification Period and Reasons for Decision
DescriptionAdvertising & Notification
NoteNotification letters sent 21 November 2022 - Submissions close 9 December 2022

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