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Application Details
Application IDLDA2018/0462
DescriptionNew multi-dwelling housing containing seven (7) dwellings - 2 x 2 storey, 3 and 4 bedroom dwellings at the front and 5 x single storey, 2 and 3 bedroom dwellings at the rear as well as strata subdivision.
GroupDevelopment Application
Sub CategoryNew Multi Dwelling
Lodgement Date5/12/2018
Estimated Cost$2,140,000.00

Address62 Abuklea Rd EASTWOOD NSW 2122
Land DescriptionLot 6 DP 14732

Additional Information

Name Details
NameJing Li

DescriptionEvent DecisionDate StartedDate Finalised
Application LodgedLodged5/12/20185/12/2018
Allocate to Assessment OfficerCompleted20/12/201820/12/2018
Which type of delegation is required?Manager Assessment27/09/201927/09/2019
Referral sent to Development EngineerCompleted9/01/20199/01/2019
Referral sent to Landscape ArchitectCompleted9/01/20199/01/2019
Is notification required?14 days16/01/20199/01/2019
Referral sent to Tree Management OfficerCompleted21/02/201921/02/2019
Letter drafted requesting additional informationCompleted18/03/201918/03/2019
Has satisfactory information been received?No18/03/201913/08/2019
Referral sent to Development EngineerCompleted14/08/201914/08/2019
Referral sent to Landscape ArchitectCompleted14/08/201914/08/2019
Referral sent to Development EngineerCompleted3/09/20193/09/2019
Referral sent to Landscape ArchitectCompleted3/09/20193/09/2019
Refer to Manager AssessmentRefused27/09/201927/09/2019

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Notification Period and Reasons for Decision
DescriptionAdvertising & Notification
NoteAdvertising placed for 16 January 2019 Notification Letters to be sent 11 January 2019 Notification Closes 6 February 2019 An electronic copy of the plans and details accompanying the application can be viewed online at during the notification period.

DescriptionReasons for Decision
NoteAfter consideration of the development against Section 4.15 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the relevant statutory and policy provisions, the proposal in its current form is not suitable for the site.

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