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Application Details
Application IDLDA2020/0388
DescriptionProposed Amending Development Application under Section 4.17(1)(b) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to amend Local Development Application No. LDA2016/0058 as follows: - Delete basements levels 4 and 5, - Remove the approved youth centre and change the ground floor and mezzanine use to a ‘community facility’, - Revise the internal apartment layouts, amending the total number of apartments from 34 to 33, and reducing total parking spaces from 98 car spaces to 56, - The overall height of the development remains at 10 storeys. The above proposal is integrated development under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, as the subject site may requires a dewatering licence. The relevant approval body is WaterNSW.
GroupDevelopment Application
CategoryMixed - Commercial/Residential
Sub CategoryNew
Lodgement Date6/11/2020
Estimated Cost$17,204,483.00

Address8 Western Cr GLADESVILLE NSW 2111
Land DescriptionLot 1 DP 1242260

Additional Information

Name Details
NameCameron Nixon

DescriptionEvent DecisionDate StartedDate Finalised
Application LodgedLodged6/11/20206/11/2020
Allocate to Assessment OfficerCompleted10/11/202010/11/2020
Letter drafted requesting additional informationCompleted9/11/202016/12/2020
Is notification required?30 day notification10/11/202010/11/2020
Referral sent to City Works & InfrastructureCompleted10/11/202010/11/2020
Referral sent to Development EngineerCompleted10/11/202010/11/2020
Referral sent to Heritage OfficerCompleted10/11/202010/11/2020
Referral sent to Landscape ArchitectCompleted10/11/202010/11/2020

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Notification Period and Reasons for Decision
DescriptionAdvertising & Notification
NoteNotification letters sent: 10/11/2020 - Submissions close: 16/12/2020

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