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Application Details
Application IDLDA2019/0328
DescriptionConsolidation of two lots into one and construction of a two storey child care centre with basement carparking for 20 vehicles. The child care will operate between 7am -6pm Monday to Friday and have a capacity for up to 100 children.
GroupDevelopment Application
Sub CategoryLand Subdivision, New
Lodgement Date24/09/2019
Estimated Cost$1,958,759.76

Address176 Quarry Rd RYDE NSW 2112
Land DescriptionLot 13 DP 239671, Lot 12 DP 239671

Additional Information

Name Details
NameDesigncorp Architects Pty Ltd

DescriptionEvent DecisionDate StartedDate Finalised
Application LodgedLodged24/09/201924/09/2019
Allocate to Assessment OfficerCompleted30/09/201930/09/2019
Is notification required?14 days30/09/20193/10/2019
Referral sent to City Works & InfrastructureCompleted3/10/20193/10/2019
Referral sent to Development EngineerCompleted3/10/20193/10/2019
Referral sent to EHOCompleted3/10/20193/10/2019
Referral sent to Landscape ArchitectCompleted3/10/20193/10/2019

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Notification Period and Reasons for Decision
DescriptionAdvertising & Notification
NoteAdvertising placed for 9 October 2019 Notification Letters sent 04 October 2019 Notification Closes 30 October 2019 An electronic copy of the plans and details accompanying the application can be viewed online at <> during the notification period.

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